Open Courseware: Introduction to Quantum Information (Fall, 2009)


This course introduces quantum physics and its application to quantum information. There are two lectures, one intended for general audience and the other for advanced audience.

In the first lecture, the special theory of relativity is introduced and the difference between quantum physics and classical physics is discussed. It then covers the double-slit experiment, quantum measurements, quantum state, quantum superposition, the uncertainty principle, quantum bits and quantum information processing, quantum computing and quantum key distribution. This lecture is a part of SNU Teenagers into Science and Technology Lecture Series and it is presented in Korean.

In the second lecture, theories of quantum measurement and decoherence are discussed. It covers main assumptions of quantum mechanics, interpretations of quantum mechanics, quantum measurement, decohernce and its several models, and problems for students related to the subject. The lecture aims to provide the understanding of how the macroscopic classical world appears out of the laws of quantum mechanics. Furthermore, the effects of decoherence on quantum control and quantum information processing are considered. This lecture is intended for graduate students and researchers and presented in English.

Online Lectures

- The mysteries of the quantum world
- Quantum measurement and decoherence theory