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SNU Optics Workshop (SNOW 2012)


General Information

SNOW is an annual workshop for promoting exchange of ideas among graduate students and postdocs participating in the WCU
BEC project and other related fields in Seoul National University. Workshop motto is "for the students, by the students, of the students". Therefore, it is organized by students and run by students, and students choose what they want to present. Presenters are encouraged to be informal, often revealing behind stories in their researches. Official language of the workshop is Korean, but speakers can use other languages as long as the audience understands them. The workshop is sponsored by SNU BEC Group, WCU Project. 


This year, SNOW is to be held at Villae resort, Jeju island, from November 16 to 18.

Scientific Program

SNOW 2012 has three scientific sessions: Bose-Einstein Condensation, Cold Atom Physics, and Quantum Optics and Quantum Chaos. All participating students must give a talk, in principle. Social program is also planned for free discussions among participants. Click here to download the latest program.


There is no registration fee but you still have to register. Please contact Mr. Younghoon Shin [syh0730(at)] before October 26, 2012 for registration.

Post-Workshop Remark