- Prof. Kyungwon An (Principal Investigator)

- Prof. Hyunseok Jeong (Co-investigator)

- Prof. Yong-il Shin (Foreign Scholar, Full-time Co-investigator)

 Portrait of Prof. An

Dr. Kyungwon An, Professor


  - atomic physics

  - quantum optics

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Prof. An as a principal investigator (PI) will lead the group and provide various s
upports to the participating scholars for the success of the project. He has been a PI of several projects (Creative Research Initiative, National Research Laboratory, Pure Basic Science, etc) of similar size to the present project in the past 10 years in Korea. His expertise in the cavity-QED microlaser, single-atom traps and quantum chaos in microcavities will be useful for carrying out the proposed studies. He will work together with Dr. Shin in creating BECs and will play a major role in cavity-QED/quantum information experiments and quantum chaos experiments with BECs working closely with Prof. Jeong.

 Portrait of Prof. Jeong

Dr. Hyunseok Jeong, Assistant Professor     


  - quantum optics

  - quantum informaton                                  

Prof. Jeong will provide a theoretical support for the proposed experiments with his expertise and knowledge of quantum information theory, theoretical quantum optics, and foundations of quantum theory. His expertise on these subjects will be immediately useful for the quantum information study with BEC: generation of macroscopic quantum superposition/entanglement and quantum information processing by using BECs and optical systems.


Portrait of Prof. Shin
Dr. Yong-il Shin, Invited Assistant Professor


  - atomic physics (BEC experiment)


  - former affiliation: MIT (Center for Ultracold Atoms)


There is no BEC experiment group in Korea. Hence, the main role of Dr. Shin is to introduce and activate the BEC experiments and to educate/train graduate students at SNU to be a researcher in this field. Shin has participated in various quantum gas experiments at the Ketterle group at MIT. His major scientific achievements include first demonstration of a trapped BEC interferometer, first observation of decay of a doubly-quantized vortex in BEC, and observation of phase separation of a superfluid and a normal gas. Recently he has successfully performed a series of experiments with strongly interacting Fermi mixtures in collaboration with Wolfgang Ketterle at MIT, defining the frontier of the current Fermi gas experiments. Through the research activities in this WCU program, he will make an essential contribution to establish an active BEC community in Korea.